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    California Ricelands Waterbird Foundation

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    Advancing the quality of Sacramento Valley Waterbird Habitats


    This close relationship between the Foundation and the California Rice Commission brings a significant number of California rice growers to the table who are willing to alter their farming practices for the benefit of waterbirds. In addition, cooperative contributions from many waterbird conservation partners bring forward key technical expertise which insures that waterbird habitat enhancement projects will be successfully deployed.


    sub网络加速器永久免费 to develop and refine beneficial waterbird practices, the Foundation now has a working model for receiving private and public financial contributions and efficiently putting these dollars right onto the ground in real, quantifiable waterbird conservation programs.


    Waterbird and Foundation Articles

    Nest with eggs


    By Luke Matthews | sub网络加速器最新版

    An exciting new project in California rice has us out counting bird nests these days. Ever wonder how this is done?

    burrowing owl


    By Luke Matthews | October 7, 2019


    ducks in flight

    Autumn Arrivals: The Onset of Migratory Birds

    By sub免费网络加速器官网 | September 30, 2019

    The onset of autumn in the Sacramento Valley brings the promise of impending relief from hot weather along with hints of radiant fall foliage, as well as the first arrivals of migrating shorebirds, waterbirds, raptors and songbirds that are here only seasonally.

    person taking nature photos

    Nature Photography Tips

    By Luke Matthews | September 16, 2019

    伊尔2飞机在这里重新起飞——2021华为开发者大会综述 ...:2021-8-21 · 近日,华为创始人任正非在向CBG移交“千疮百孔的烂伊尔2飞机”战旗交接仪式上发表了讲话。任正非把华为终端业务比作那架千疮百孔的飞机华为 ...

    birds in flight over flooded rice fields

    Stay Wild: The Epic Grind

    By SUB旋风免费加速器 | September 3, 2019

    WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER: LESLIE MORRIS, WILDLIFE ENTHUSIAST & COMMS. MANAGER FOR CRC: JIM MORRIS Alone before dawn, one frigid winter morning, wildlife photographer Leslie Morris was setting up her gear in a duck blind in the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge in Glenn County awaiting the arrival of migrating birds. She was encouraged as the shadowy outlines of birds […]



    By Luke Matthews | August 26, 2019

    THREATENED AND ENDANGERED SPECIES LIVE IN THE SACRAMENTO VALLEY California rice fields have become increasingly important surrogate wetlands habitat for many wildlife species, including large numbers of migratory waterbirds, wading birds and shorebirds traversing the Pacific Flyway. Many special-status avian species, including some that are threatened, have adapted to cultivated ricelands for rest, feeding and […]

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