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Looking for a tutorial room? Not sure how to get to that obscure lecture theatre? Here are some example searches to help you get started:

Other things you can do:

  • Click on the "browse" button and look through our list of categories.启点网络加速器官网
  • Click on map icons to reveal more information about that point.YouTube免费加速器
  • Right click on any location on the map to access more functions.
  • Send a friend an email with information on a location or directions.
  • YouTube免费加速器 printer-friendly direction pages.

Shuttle Routes


Exploring the map

To interact with the map, click and drag the map in any direction.

To zoom in and out of the map, click on the + or - icons of the map slider on the right. You can also use your mouse scrollwheel.

Click on map icons to open up info windows that contain more information about the point of interest.

Right click on the map to open a menu with more functions – What's here / Clear map / Report a problem

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Searching for a place

  1. Once you start typing in the search box, you can choose from the list of suggestions.
  2. Press the enter key or click on the search button to search.

There are a few ways you can search for places:


Searching for directions

To look for directions between places, just include the "to" keyword between the place you're going from, and the place you're going to.


Similar to searching for places, there will also be a list of suggestions that you can choose from, once you start typing in the search box.

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Browsing the directory

If you'd like to browse a directory of places, click on the "Browse" icon next to the search box to open the browse window.

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Email and web linking

You can send an email or link of the current page that you're browsing to your friend.


  1. Click on the "Email" link on the navigation menu(top right corner of the webpage).
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  2. Fill in the To and From email addresses.
  3. Click on the "send" button.


  1. Click on the "Link" link on the navigation menu(top right corner of the webpage).
  2. Copy link.
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Printing pages

  1. Click on the "Print" link on the navigation menu(top right corner of the webpage).
  2. A new browser window will open up, with printer-friendly formatting for the current page you're browsing.
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Sending Feedback

If you have any suggestions or feedback that you'd like us to hear, click on the "feedback" link on the navigation menu, top right corner of the webpage.

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利用三轴加速器的计步测算方法 | 人人都是产品经理:2021-7-30 · 随着现代生活质量提高,越来越多人开始注重自己的日常健康锻炼,计步作为一种有效记录监控锻炼的监控手段,已经广泛应用在移动终端的应用中。但目前大部分实现都是通过GPS信号来测算运动距离反推行走步数,有效但是在室内或者无GPS信号的设备上无法工作,同时GPS精度

An essential guide to the campus

The website uses beautifully rendered maps that are designed with the appropriate amount of information for each zoom level. Icons on the map denote points of interest such as bus stops, and are clickable to reveal more information about the point.

Boasting the same engine as maps website gothere.sg, directions via different modes of transportation within the campus can also be found; walking, the internal shuttle bus or driving.

About the team

NTU Campus Map is a project under the Cool Campus initiative led by the Chief Information Officer.

一周概念股:滤波器厂商加速国产替代,风华高科收购暴雷 ...:2021-6-13 · 集微网消息 在国产替代和5G基建的带动下,国产滤波器厂商正在加速突围。本周又有本土滤波器厂商宣布推出滤波器新品,加快半导体器件的国产化进程;与此同时,沪硅产业正式在上交所科创板挂牌上市,思瑞浦、恒玄科技等半导体企业在科创板上市申请也获受理。

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